Individual portrait session

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Professional portraits can enhance personal and professional branding, create a lasting impression, and stand out in a world filled with generic images. A photoshoot can take place on location, such as a scenic outdoor spot or a place with personal significance. Alternatively, it can be conducted in a studio setting, providing a controlled environment for various lighting setups. After the photoshoot, clients will have a variety of high-quality images to choose from, ensuring that photos reflect personality or suit professional needs.

Individual business portrait session

In this comprehensive photography session, I seamlessly integrate studio session with on-location shoot, such as client's office, offering a diverse range of high-quality images. With a variety of color backdrops and the option for outdoor photography, I tailor the shoot to your preferences. We'll also discuss wardrobe choices beforehand, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.

On-location group business portrait session

Example of the group photo session with a single color backdrop at client's location

Captured during the annual dinner gathering, these photos were taken just before the event kicked off, allowing me a few precious minutes with each member. During larger group photoshoots, my assistant ensures a seamless workflow, addressing any questions about the photos while I concentrate on capturing each individual. The result? A stunning gallery of diverse, professional headshots with minimal time investment – perfect for our busy clients.

Example of the set up for group headshots at the clients location

Compact and easily tucked into any room corner, my setup features seamless background papers in various colors. The flattering light it produces suits all ages, as demonstrated by the group headshots above.